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On this page, you will find our accessories pour the shower, bath or for ambiance. We offer you accessories that are made of wood, bamboo or natural loofah; soap holders, exfoliating brushes and essential oil diffusers.

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Our organza bags are an elegant way to wrap soap and other small gifts.


This complexion brush made of natural bristle with a hardwood handle is excellent for brushing the face and other sensitive areas. Use this complexion brush with our Cleopatra soap.  Gently rotate on your face to get rid of dead skin.


Slip your soap into the sock and it will lather up even more!


Two (2) natural cellulose cleansing sponges perfect for cleansing all skin types.


Place your favorite soap inside the mitt and use in the bath or shower.  It will produce a rich lather while exfoliating!


This crystalline stone, formed from natural mineral salts (potassium Alum), eliminates the source of body odor. 100% effective, economical and safe to use on our bodies. Just moisten & rub on underarms. Contains no aluminum chlorohydrate or fragrance.


Ideal to exfoliate your back without having to twist yourself into all kinds of contortions. Made with braided loofah.


I tested this shaving brush for you and I believe it's the best value we can offer. It hold  well in hand and foam our shaving soap easily.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items