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On this page, you will find our accessories pour the shower, bath or for ambiance. We offer you accessories that are made of wood, bamboo or natural loofah; soap holders, exfoliating brushes and essential oil diffusers.

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This handmade soap holder is made to measure for our soaps. To keep the wood grain intact, dip the soap holder into olive oil and let it dry overnight. The pores of the wood will close up and it will keep it free of unsightly black marks.


I tested this shaving brush for you and I believe it's the best value we can offer. It hold  well in hand and foam our shaving soap easily.


A combo box containing our essential and ecological products for complete house cleaning. Our essential kit include: 1L bottle of real Marseille black soap. 1L bottle of Ecological and anti-mite textile deodorant with essential oil of lavender and rosemary.  A super-exfoliating Castile soap with peppermint essential oil and ground coffee. Castile...


A combo box containing our essential products for outdoor people and gardeners. Our essential kit include: A 500 ml bottle of real Marseille black soap to treat plants and clean the house and outdoor items in an ecological way. A vegetable soy wax candle with lemongrass essential oil to keep mosquitoes away A mosquito repellant body butter with...

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items