Black Marseille Soap and Liquid Marseille Soap are available in Magog, Québec!

Black Marseille Soap and Liquid Marseille Soap are available in Magog, Québec!

Authentic liquid and black Marseille soap have arrived and are now available at Savon des Cantons!

Authentic and crafted according to tradition

Keeping our zero waste initiative at the forefront of our company, we have managed to take a huge step towards it that has brought these products across the atlantic ocean. We have imported two tonnes of liquid Marseille soap and black soap, both of which have been fabricated in cauldrons, the old fashion way and they are both Marseille origin guaranteed. We are particularly proud of participating in the protection and renewment of the authentic Marseille soap as we deal directly with one of the last three Marseille soap factories. In the 20th century, there were 120 factories that made this well known soap, but due to the lack of regulations, the international market, mainly China, has caught hold of its name and not its recipe. This has created a market of fake Marseille soaps of which 80% are made with petroleum derivatives, palm oil, sodium lauryl sulfate and animal fat!

These two marvelous products will be available in our store in bottles and in bulk at our new bulk counter. Bring in your own bottles and fill them up on the spot. 

Ecological and vegetal

The liquid Marseille soap is 100% plant-based, hypoallergenic, biodegradable and is suitable for all skin types. It is also a great shampoo for short hair, a body wash and can be used to wash your face. 

Marseille black soap, multipurpose marvel

As for the black soap, it is probably the most ecologically friendly house cleaning product on the market. Diluted in water, it can clean about every type of surface within your home, and it can be used for your barbecue, for your plants, to clean your dog, for the interior and exterior of your car and so much more!

Our Marseille soap selection

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