Glycerine and superfatted soaps, the winning team!

Glycerine and superfatted soaps, the winning team!

First off, what is glycerine?

Glycerine is a major hydrating molecule that has the ability to attract humidity and to hold onto it on your skin. It is a hydrophilic or hygroscopic molecule. This molecule actively participates in rebuilding your skin’s lipidic protection after showering. Your epidermal layer consists of lipids and other fatty acids that are a mix of oils and water. It is therefore very important to conserve your skin’s humidity for it to be able to fight against microorganism invasion. A hydrated skin demonstrates that it is healthy.  

When we make soap, glycerine is formed. This molecule is made automatically through the saponification process. The glycerine that is formed is of course plant-based seeing that our soaps are 100% plant-based. It is also charged with important nutrients for your skin such as oleic acid and hydroxytyrosol which is one of the most powerful antioxidants known like gallic acid.

This glycerine that is created is not at all the same as what we might find in industrial products that use petroleum derivatives. It is very important to stay away from these types of products if you want to get rid of all types of skin irritations and problems. 

Let’s get back to out soaps… To get the maximum therapeutic effect of the olive oil and coconut oil that we use when making our soaps, one thing needs to be done and that is superfatting.

What the hell is that? Superfatting is simply the amount of oil that we have left in our soaps that will not be transformed into soap and therefore will act as the agents of hydration.

To add onto all of that, our soaps have also been hyperoxygenated by our fantastique Cleo oil, developed by Professeur Baranger that was a researcher at the Pasteur Institute. This therefore makes our soaps, massage oils, hydrating body creams and our face creams full of the hydroxytyrosol antioxidant that comes from olive oil. 

So, plant-based glycerine + superfatting of all our soaps= the perfect hydration and therapeutic effects guaranteed. This is equals no tingling sensations, redness, itching or even irritations. Our soaps can be used for the body as well as the face because of these two key elements.  

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