What exactly is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and why do we find it in so many industrial cosmetics?

What exactly is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and why do we find it in so many industrial cosmetics?

SLS is a sulphated surfactant, which doesn’t really tell you much more... It is a chemical product with a strong cleaning power certainly for industrial cleaning. More specifically it is used to clean garage floors and vehicle motors!

You can therefore imagine the power this product has!

But why do we find it in most of our shampoos, liquid soap and other commercial body washes? It’s because it is a petroleum derivative that costs pennies to make and it can create abundant, artificial bubbles and foam. Don’t we all love bubble! Cosmetic companies know all the facts... but this product is extremely bad for our health, above all for our children. It has a very frustrating tendency to cause all sorts of skin irritations. A majeur irritation that occurs way too often is eczema and this is because SLS eliminates your lipid protection which is the last small protective layer that we have on our skin...

In fact, beware of all commercial products that make bubbles and foam, they are our fake friends, and can even be considered traitors!

Please remember this ingredient, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate as well, as they belong to the same undesirable family and stop buying cosmetic products that contain chemical products. This will be your first step in the right direction for your health and those of your kids, as well as for the environment since these products leave a nasty ecological footprint behind.

Warning to the companies who have wrongly qualified this product as being synthetically safe. Let’s be serious and call it be its real name, it is a petroleum derivative whose cleaning power can cause major irritations and that has nothing that can be qualified as ‘safe’.Finally and to conclude, notice that only huge industrial cosmetic companies use SLS, so when you see this product in an artisanal company’s ingredient list, even when their products are hand made, know that this company is lying. They are using marketing strategies based on lies to attract you and they are feeding you misinformation!

Artisanal companies do not use SLS, only industrial companies do. So now you have been warned and informed!

Together we will clean the world!


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