Refillable products (bulk)

Zero waste 2.0 is being pushed to its limit! We have two refillable product counters, so please bring back your containers, especially those that are made of glass. In your first purchase, the product’s bottle will be charged, but bring them back and we will fill them up for a reduced price. Available products:

At Gourmet par Nature

  • Pure and infused olive oils
  • Pure and infused balsamic vinaigres from Modène
  • Vegetable oils from Québec and Canada

In our Soap Shop

  • Pure Marseille soap with essential oils (Marseille origine guaranteed)
  • Black soap from Marseille (Marseille origine guaranteed)
  • Ecologo laundry detergent from Savons des Cantons
  • Ecologo softener from Savons des Cantons
  • Deotextile; ambiance atomizers