Like you might already know, Lou cooks a lot and with a number of spices. For our Gourmet by Nature outlet, we went to visit many different spice producers, mainly in Provence. Although we went half way across the world, the best spices we tried were right next door, in Chambly. I can tell you right now that Marie Michèle knows her spices! Here is her business philosophie;

"We only use herbs and spices that are of superior quality. They come from everywhere in the world. Our suppliers are mainly from Montréal and Toronto. Everything comes in and goes through our boutique/workshop; where everything is designed, prepared, packaged and labeled on the spot.

All of our spice mixes, including our ‘no salt’ collection, flavored oils or flavored sea salts do not contain any:

  • GMS
  • Gluten
  • Artificial flavors or colors
  • and/ or additives

The majority of our packaging is recyclable and/or reusable, whether it’s our glass containers, cans, cardboard envelopes or even our resealable and recyclable plastic bags. By taking care of keeping our products away from any direct light and from heat sources, they can be conserved for more than a year. When the herbs and spices are in their entirety, they can be conserved even longer.

We are a small, but passionate, devoted and dynamic team!"

Just like us!