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Always pushing the limits to explain concepts familiar to us, we have thought that transmitting information to the general population can actual help us achieve our goal.

We are transmitting our knowledge about soap making, right here, one the Chemin des Pères! Here we are!

We are here to help you through our numerous trainings and courses to wash the world for it to be healthier.

Firstly, let’s start with THE cold saponification course. Why THE, in capitals you might ask? It is because we will teach you who to make the best soap in the world; the venerable (recipe dating back to the 8th century); the fantastic (plant-based, hypoallergenic, biodegradable); the one and only Castile Soap, the father of the soap from Marseille! This recipe is what a number of industrial soap companies should be taking reference from instead of poisoning us with sodium laureth sulfate, animal fat or other EDTA and nanoparticules.

Not only do we make the best soap in the world, you can also learn how we make it with our soap making specialistes in therapeutic Castile soap, right here in Magog!

The first class we offer, has a duration of approximately three hours and takes place over three sections

Maximum of 12 participants per course, course notebook included, all the materials needed included the caustic soda are available in our store. Vast air conditioned room, good humour guaranteed, if not we will give you a free soap.

Learn how to make soap

Lesson and workshop on how to make the famous Castile soap

Saponification course of the famous Castile soap. You will learn to make your own Castile soap (70% pure olive oil). We will teach you the traditional cold saponification technique.

The three-hour lesson will cover all the elements needed to make Castile soap 70% olive oil and 30% coconut oil.

The course includes a complete workbook and a basic kit to make 1 kg of Castile soap at home ($ 50 value).

Date : March 21, Follow us on Facebook

Where : Conference room at Savon des Cantons

Cost : $90 + taxes, Including a workbook and kit

Duration: about 3H

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Step 1

The basic chemistry of saponification and its history, soap throughout the ages. Why is the Castile Soap the best? Olive oil and its benefits, coconut oil.

Step 2

Cold saponification technique. Preparation of the oils and of caustic soda (sodium hydroxide), the security measures, the mixes, the calculations of the saponification value, mixing techniques (the effects of swirls, etc…), molding, demolding, drying and post-production verifications.

Step 3

Introduction to essential oils, cosmetic fragrances, precieuse oils, therapeutic soaps, shampooing soap, laundry soap etc…