Forfaits groupe

Guided visit and fabrication demonstration

Upon your arrival, there will be a presentation and explanation of our sea buckthorn fields and their cultivation for approximately 10 minutes. This is then followed by a visit to our Gourmet by Nature outlet, where you’ll discover our numerous products and a tasty surprise made with sea buckthorn that will be awaiting your arrival.

After, you’ll walk over to our soap factory building where you’ll be led upstairs (14 steps) to an air conditioned room to witness a soap making demonstration. Clients will discover the ancient fabrication technique for making olive oil Castile soap.

The animator of the demonstration starts with the liquid olive oil and can pour a soap into its mold within approximately 30 minutes. After the demonstration, a presentation of our product range is done in our boutique to familiarise clients with all the different types of products.

Please note that the sections of the visite might be reversed.


The totale duration of the visite is of an hour and 30 minutes

5$ per personne

For more information and to make a reservation

please contact Anne-Marie Martel; 819 868 0161 ext. 3

Reservation by email