Our short circuit partnerships

We continue our journey towards short circuit partnerships with our providers and our diverse suppliers. Our partners, our friends share the same philosophy as us, including our complete transparency business model. We are in constant battle against fake marketing within the cosmetic industry. Here are our partners:

Bromont based Zayat Aroma and their amazing essential oils. Mikael was the one who advised us on aromatherapy, 20 years ago.

Marie Michèle and her world spices. We share our passion of cooking with her. After travelling to Provence, we found that the best spices we could find were actually right next door, in Chambly. If you are willing to experiment in the kitchen, you can combine Marie Michèles’ spices with our infused olive oils and balsamic vinegars.

The Chanv products. They have created a wonderful oil that has been transformed from their own hemp plants. We use this hemp oil in some of our soaps, serums and therapeutic massage oils. We also retail some of our favorite products from them.