It is our domain, the place where we live and where our ideas are born. It is where we have our highs and lows, accomplishments and sometimes disappointments, but we continuously strive forwards with our will power. We rise to action for the good of the environment by training you guys who are consciously aware and who have decided to change the world, one action at a time. Just like us… Our area of expertise is also to create the best artisanal soaps and plant-based cosmetics to nourish your skin, to cultivate our land with nothing more than what nature offers us, it is also to associate ourselves with people like you, uniting our forces to change the world, one action at a time!

The Magog soap factory is open to families, for a picnic or a visit, you are welcome

More than soap... all your senses will be awakened, Savon des Cantons has a foodie side.


We have worked very hard to make a variety of pure fruit gelatos and sorbets with Québec’s master artisan ice-cream maker. We also offer exceptional melted chocolates to dip your frozen treats.


Boost your immune system with our sea buckthorn smoothies! We have created four energy drinks to add to our menu which included the iced sea buckthorn drink. All of these are available for you to discover and taste, outside on our beautiful terrace.


Our sorbets are made here, with real fruit puree and no artificial flavors. They are homemade and cannot be found anywhere else. Come and taste our sea buckthorn sorbet, our most popular recipe.

Speciality coffees

We partnered with one of the best coffee roasters in the Eastern Townships; The Faro Roasting House. They have created a new mix for us that you can bring home or enjoy here in the form of a cappuccino, latté, expresso, flat white, americano, frozen coffee drinks or a packaged mix.

Olive Oil Bar Magog

Savon des Cantons offers you a novelty this year: its olive oil and balsamic vinegar bar where you can also find specialty oil from Quebec.

Even though Savon des Cantons’ specialty is soap making and beauty care products, we have added to our attraction something all gourmets will enjoy. Unique in the area, our brand new olive oil bar allows you to taste your olive oil freely before its purchase. Our specialist can make you taste the olive oils of your choice and advise you according to your tastes. California’s basil infused olive oil, shallot-infused olive oil, and lemon-infused olive oil are but a few flavors that you will discover. Along with the refined olive oils, we also provide you with Modena’s balsamic vinegars, coming directly from Italy. Let our specialist introduce you to flavors like green apple, fig, pear and cranberry and many others. For all the gourmet tourism’s adepts in Eastern Townships, make a stop to Savon des Cantons to discover exclusive and unique olive oils!


At Gourmet par Nature

  • Pure and infused olive oils
  • Pure and infused balsamic vinaigres from Modène
  • Vegetable oils from Québec and Canada

In our Soap Shop

  • Pure Marseille soap with essential oils (Marseille origine guaranteed)
  • Black soap from Marseille (Marseille origine guaranteed)
  • Ecologo laundry detergent from Savons des Cantons
  • Ecologo softener from Savons des Cantons
  • Deotextile; ambiance atomizers

DIY Soap making course and conferences

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One of the most beautiful and scenic roads in Quebec, the Chemin des Peres between Magog and Austin

On your way to the Saint-Benoit-du-Lac abbey, you must stop at the artisanal soap factory. The view of Lake Memphremagog along the Chemin des Peres is magical. For cyclists, Gourmet by Nature offers an ideal stop for a healthy lunch or natural sorbet. If you're hiking at Orford or Owl's Head, our sea buckthorn smoothies are the perfect boost.