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Savon des Cantons has taught about your feet and how to take care of them! Treat yourself to a pedicure at home with our products!

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An incredibly efficient odour-eater! Do you have a body odour problem? We have the solution. Coffee and mint essential oil. A winning combination that has proven effective on cooks hands and teenagers’ feet! 110 g.Hypoallergenic, biodegradable, vegan


This crystalline stone, formed from natural mineral salts (potassium Alum), eliminates the source of body odor. 100% effective, economical and safe to use on our bodies. Just moisten & rub on underarms. Contains no aluminum chlorohydrate or fragrance.


Botanical butter enhanced with castor oil, perfect for cracked, tired and dry feet.  Mint essential oil deodorizes, opens pores and improves circulation. 70 g.


If you’re looking for a 100% ultra-hydrating botanical body butter, you’ll find this an exceptional product. Made from a grapeseed oil base, this butter is enriched with two exceptional precious oils: argan oil and shea butter. It is unscented so a pregnant woman can use it to massage her belly and avoid stretch marks. 120 g.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items