Orange Basil Soap


This is a winning combination of a sweet scent and a very leafy one.

100 grams min

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Opposites sometimes attract for the better, as is the case with our basil and orange soap. The citrus notes mixed with the greener notes of the basil will surprise many people. Sometimes you have to dare in life! This inverted Castille soap made with 70% coconut oil will satisfy the lovers of rich and very generous lather. Les note d’agrumes mélangées aux notes plus verts du basilic en surprendra plus d’un, agrablement. Il faut parfois oser dans la vie! Ce Castille inversé avec 70% d’huile de noix de coco va combler les amateurs de mousse riche et très abondante.

Tips on using artisanal soap like ours.

In the shower, soak yourself and then turn off the water. Soap yourself up generously to enjoy the many benefits of our soaps and then rinse off. Soaps are best stored in a dry place and hidden from sunlight. A linen cupboard is perfect.

Cleo Oil
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