Eco house cleaning box kit

Savon des Cantons

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A combo box containing our essential and ecological products for complete house cleaning. 

Our essential kit include:

  1. 1L bottle of real Marseille black soap.
  2. 1L bottle of Ecological and anti-mite textile deodorant with essential oil of lavender and rosemary. 
  3. A super-exfoliating Castile soap with peppermint essential oil and ground coffee.
  4. Castile Soap Stain Remover
  5. Lemon Essential Oil
  6. A natural loofah

All natural, by nature and for nature lovers.

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Features Phosphate free, No Colorant, Biodegradable, Not tested on animals

Marseille black soap

Black soap, the most economical, ecological and natural alternative to clean your house from floor to ceiling, including plants and dogs!


In dilution spray, you will naturally treat all your indoor or outdoor plants against aphid sooty mold, the famous Japanese beetle and other red spiders.

Lavender Home Deodorant

Ecological and anti-mite textile deodorant with essential oil of lavender and rosemary. Our product contains no phthalate. Spray your couch and mattresses at least twice a month to cleanse and kill mites. The product does not stain, you can also use it as ironing water.

A super-exfoliating Castile soap with mint and ground coffee

A devilishly effective exfoliating odor remover! This is the proven solution. Excellent soap for cleaning the hands of gardeners, mechanics and other workers. Body only.

Castile Soap Stain Remover

Here is a completely biodegradable solution to removing stubborn stains from fabric.

Lemon Essential Oil

Antiseptic, refreshing and cooling properties. On skin and hair it can be used for cleaning and for treating cuts.

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