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Essential gardening and outdoor box kit


A combo box containing our essential products for outdoor people and gardeners. 

Our essential kit include:

  1. A 500 ml bottle of real Marseille black soap to treat plants and clean the house and outdoor items in an ecological way.
  2. A vegetable soy wax candle with lemongrass essential oil to keep mosquitoes away
  3. A mosquito repellant body butter with organic essential oils of lavender, rosemary and lemon eucalyptus.
  4. Pilgrim Traveler's Soap / Solid Shampoo. 90% coconut oil and cocoa butter
  5. A gardener's Castile soap with camphor rosemary and oatmeal.
  6. A super-exfoliating Castile soap with peppermint essential oil and ground coffee.

All natural, by nature and for nature lovers.

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Marseille black soap

Black soap, the most economical, ecological and natural alternative to clean your house from floor to ceiling, including plants and dogs!


In dilution spray, you will naturally treat all your indoor or outdoor plants against aphid sooty mold, the famous Japanese beetle and other red spiders.

Vegetable candle with soy wax and lemongrass

On the patio in your garden or camping, place this vegetable candle on your table, it will keep away insects and other unwanted.

Mosquito repellent body butter with organic essential oils.

This fine lavender and camphorated rosemary body butter is extremely effective in keeping biting insects away. Without harmful chemicals like DeeT, hypo-allergenic, 100% vegetable and above all hyper-oxygenated. In application directly on the skin even the most sensitive including those of children.

Soap of the pilgrim of Compostela

Our unscented soap block is ideal for travelers. A specialty made with 90% coconut oil and pure cocoa butter. It deeply cleanses, effectively fights bacteria while being very gentle. 100% biodegradable, you can wash from head to toe in lakes and rivers and even in the ocean because it is the only soap that foams in seawater.

Gardener's Castile Soap

This is the soap of gardeners and other lovers of the outdoors. The essential oil of rosemary it contains, keeps the bugs away and acts as an antiseptic on micro-cuts, a significant advantage when you are in the garden, camping, fishing or golf!

A super-exfoliating Castile soap with mint and ground coffee

A devilishly effective exfoliating odor remover! This is the proven solution. Excellent soap for cleaning the hands of gardeners, mechanics and other workers. Body only.

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