Garden Mix
  • Garden Mix

Garden Mix


On the nose, the thyme is enchanting. On the palate, basil leads the dance. This blend is a great ball of flavours, where the garlic and onion bloom like flowers. The vegetable garden is jubilant. A real treat for the palate, and a tribute to the abundance that grows in our wet and dense soil.

70 g


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Suggestions of uses

  • This blend goes well with all your mediterranean or italian-style dishes
  • Salads: sprinkle directly on your salad or add into your dressings. It's a must for tomato and bocconcini appetizers!
  • Dips: (In our experience chili/ketchup or mayo based dips are very popular with kids) serve with vegetables, chips or as a fondue sauce.
  • Poultry Meats: as a marinade or at the end of the cooking period
  • Pasta & rice: sprinkle on your pasta and add a dash of olive oil
  • Vegetables
  • Bread: if you make your own bread, add some into the dough for extra flavour
  • Tofu: as a marinade or sprinkled on top
  • Soups and sauces, especially tomato-based soups or spaghetti sauce

Data sheet

thyme, oregano, basil, garlic, onion
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