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Home sweet home, of course, but without products that can be harmful for your health. We have banned all types of harmful chemical products like phthalates that we systematically find in household perfumes or odor eliminators, phosphates in laundry detergent and cleaning products. We have instead, used what nature has offered us.

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Our organza bags are an elegant way to wrap soap and other small gifts.


This complexion brush made of natural bristle with a hardwood handle is excellent for brushing the face and other sensitive areas. Use this complexion brush with our Cleopatra soap.  Gently rotate on your face to get rid of dead skin.


Keep your feet squeaky clean with our foot-shape wood nail brush. The brush will help remove dead skin cells that can harbor moisture and bacteria. Use with Mint Coffee Soap. Brush and rinse.


Slip your soap into the sock and it will lather up even more!


Two (2) natural cellulose cleansing sponges perfect for cleansing all skin types.


Place your favorite soap inside the mitt and use in the bath or shower.  It will produce a rich lather while exfoliating!


The fir balsam essential oil is a decongestant, helps ease cold symptoms.  Also has anti-inflamatory properies which helps reduce sore muscles and ease arthritis.11 ml


This crystalline stone, formed from natural mineral salts (potassium Alum), eliminates the source of body odor. 100% effective, economical and safe to use on our bodies. Just moisten & rub on underarms. Contains no aluminum chlorohydrate or fragrance.


The orange (sweet) essential oil has deodorant and antiseptic properties as well as being a great tonic for dull skin. 11 ml.


Ecological and anti-mite textile deodorant with essential oil of lavender and rosemary. Our product contains no phthalate. Spray your couch and mattresses at least twice a month to cleanse and kill mites. The product does not stain, you can also use it as ironing water. 250ml or 1 liter


Gives a cooling effect in skin and harcare products.  Helps heal bruises and relieve sor joints. 11 ml.


Antiseptic, refreshing and cooling properties. On skin and hair it can be used for cleaning and for treating cuts. 11 ml.

Showing 1 - 12 of 30 items