Sea Buckthorn Products

We cultivate two plantations of sea buckthorn which are certified as organic by Écocert. From the tiny fruits, which are tended without fertilizers, pesticides or other insanities, we prepare a delicious sea buckthorn jelly sweetened with organic cane sugar as well as BBQ sauces, spices, syrups, mustards and so much more.

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  • Sea Buckthorn Jelly

  • Sea Buckthorn Caramel

  • Sea Buckthorn and Pear Jelly

  • Jardin Salt Grinder

  • Salade and Vegetable Spices – With Oignon

  • Salad and Vegetable Spices

  • Grill Spices

  • Sea Buckthorn and Paprika Mild BBQ Sauce

  • Sea Buckthorn and Cayenne Pepper Spicy BBQ Sauce

  • Melted Brie with Sea Buckthorn Blend

  • Jardin’s Grinder – bag

  • Dried Sea-buckthorn Pulp