The Products to Avoid

The Products to Avoid

Certains cosmetic companies and sometimes falsely named artisanal brands, often use deception and other marketing techniques to cloud your judgement and access to information about the products they use. It certainly isn’t made easier by the government who imposes on companies to provide an ingredient list on products, but in a latin language that is only understand by their creators.

Here is a list of the worst products that need to be avoided that we often find as the first ingredients in many cosmetics…

Sodium Laureth Sulfate

A surfactant (an artificial foam creating agent) that is often associated with skin cancer. Present in practically all named brand soaps and shampoos.


Industrial preservatives that have a tendency to disrupt the endocrine system, associated with breast cancer.

Aluminium hydrochloride and aluminum salts

Principally found in antiperspirants. Associated with breast cancer and problems associated with the nervous system.

Titanium dioxide

A nanoparticle meaning it is the size of a virus. Classified as carcinogenic (causes cancer) and found in almost all industrialized cosmetic products, even some that claim to be artisanal.


An animal fat product, present in practically all industrialised soaps. Not only does this product require animal slaughtering to get their fat, but animal fat has a tendency to cloge our pores, so beware sensitive skins!


Often disguised as ‘perfume’ in cosmetic products. Associated with breast and testicular cancers. Beware of air fresheners and other smell repellents found on the market.


Often found in cosmetics even though its toxicity to humans is recognized! Also, it is not biodegradable at all!

Firstly, avoid these products at all costs! Stop poisoning yourself and the earth with these substances! Subscribe to my blog for more pertinent information on THE best cosmetics.