Hyperoxygenated Huile de Cléo

Hyperoxygenated Huile de Cléo

Simplicity can be found in nature and this oil is the perfect example! But, what is it?

It is simply organic olive oil that is from the first cold pressed byproduct that has been Ecocert certified. This olive oil has then been hyperoxygenated, a method that drastically enhances the therapeutic effects of olive oil.

But who exactly was the first to develop this process?

The Pasteur Institute and professor Baranger, are the ones who came up with the concept. This outstanding researcher has found a method to drastically enhance the therapeutic effects of olive oil, especially for the antioxidants contents (anti-age) and also to treat major skin irritations, like eczema. You will find this oil in almost all of our soaps and in the majority of our therapeutic cosmetic products.

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