Marseille soap

Authentic Marseille soap

Authentic Marseille soap origins

Originally, this soap was made to wash clothes before it began to be used for personal hygiene. Its recipe was inspired by Castille soap. Unfortunately, Marseille soap is not an “appellation d’origine contrôlée” which has sadly almost led to its extinction. There are only three original soap factories in Marseille left, from the one hundred that existed in the 20th century, that are trying to protect the brand and origin of their soap.

Our Marseille soap is authentic and crafted according to tradition

Chinese soap factories, that are less likely to respect the traditions and the recipes, have flooded the entire market with fake alternatives. These fakes are made with animal fat, sodium lauryl sulfate and are stuffed with chemical products that we classify as dangerous.

Preserve heritage and ecologically friendly cleaning

As for us, we went to visit one of the three last soap factories in Marseille and we have decided to help them protect their brand. We now import the truest form of liquid Marseille soap, Marseille origine guaranteed, stewed in a cauldron like its ancestral fabrication method, and we resell it in our soap shop. We also import black Marseille soap, Marseille origine also guaranteed, a wonderful product to clean the house from floor to ceiling and a gardening miracle, while being completely ecologically friendly.