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Twenty years! It has been twenty years since we have decided to gradually change the way we made the small thing we find in our daily lives, an essential element of life, a small thing that wakes us up, that hydrates and nourishes our skin. It has been twenty years that we make the quintessence of soap, renown since the 8th century, the famous Castile soap, which was the first commercialised soap, 2000 years ago named the Aleppo soap. What do both of these wonders have in common? They both have are highly concentrated in pure olive oil (minimum 70%) and they are both plant-based which makes them 100% hypoallergenic and biodegradable.

Huile de CleoNote that all our soaps (except our stain removing soap) are hyperoxygenated with our Cleo oil. They will therefore hydrate your skin in its multitude of layers and they will nourish your skin instead of simply washing it. This is an exclusive experience we have created here at Savons des Cantons! Our Cleo oil is not found anywhere else!

Now it’s up to you to discover our artisanals soaps made in Quebec!

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