• Made with Cleopatra oil and primrose oil, our ultra-regenerating cream helps prevent premature aging of the skin.  The blend of rosewood and rosemary essential oil create an ultra-regenerating anti-wrinkle synergie. Use as a day or night cream. 60 ml.

  • Protective face cream with sea buckthorn seed oil. All skin types. Day and night. Effectively protects your face against all daily aggressions.

  • Thanks to this synergy of mint and ginger essential oils, this a great morning tonic! You have problem to get up? With this soap, you will be ready to face the day head-on. Enriched with apricot oil. 110 g.

  • The soap that could change the face of the world.... This wonder of nature fights all kinds of skin irritations like eczema, psoriasis, redness and itching. Excellent facial care that provides deep hydration. Enriched with hyperoxygenated Olive Oil, it contains a synergy of rosewood and rosemary essential oils.  Let foam stay on about 15 secondes, then...

  • Our super-enriched soap. Do you have dry skin in winter (or in summer)? This soap is THE solution. This little marvel contains four precious oils: Shea butter (fair trade), and jojoba, evening primrose and avocado oils. 

  • Our Phytopur Body milk, enriched with hyper-oxygenrated olive oil and pure essential oil of rosewood and rosemary, absorbs quickly, moisturises and calms your skin. 250 ml.

  • If you’re looking for a 100% ultra-hydrating botanical body butter, you’ll find this an exceptional product. Made from a grapeseed oil base, this butter is enriched with two exceptional precious oils: argan oil and shea butter. It is unscented so a pregnant woman can use it to massage her belly and avoid stretch marks. 120 g.

  • Fortifying, purifying and very hydrating. Enriched with avocado oil for deep hydration. It contains a synergy of essential citrus oils that will invigorate you! 110 g.


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