Fine Lavender Phytopur Soap Loaf


Our economic format of the Lavender and Argan oil soap in a loaf of 1.1 kg to cut yourself.

1.1 kg

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It is very easy to cut our bars of soap into smaller sizes! You can cut ten slices of soap from one loaf. Just use a kitchen knife, the soap bar will cut very easily without breaking up. Tip: Cut your loaf as soon as you receive it, don’t wait for the loaf to dry and become too hard to cut.

Tips on using artisanal soap like ours.

In the shower, soak yourself and then turn off the water. Soap yourself up generously to enjoy the many benefits of our soaps and then rinse off. Soaps are best stored in a dry place and hidden from sunlight. A linen cupboard is perfect.

Cleo Oil
Made here by us

IngredientsPure olive oil, Coconut oil, Distilled water, Sodium hydroxide, Cléo oil, Lavander (fine) essential oil, Huile d’argan, Huile de ricin,


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